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A curated blend of fresh ideas from our crazy, glamorous (not glamorous) designer-life that we find fascinating. We hope you do too! Come back for more pretty, more inspiration, and let’s face it, more fun (we could all use a little bit of that)!

Make Your Bed the Elissa Grayer Way

We’ve discovered the formula for designing a luxurious bedroom that invites rest. Check out our favorite ways to create a relaxed, refined vibe, plus we’re spilling the beans on our favorite bedding vendors.

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Side Hustle

It seems everyone has a side hustle these days, and the furniture world is no different. In fact, this side hustle has been going on as long as there have been chairs and a need for a place to set a cocktail!

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Looking for Winter Romance?

With Winter in full swing, I find myself searching for more color, more warmth, and more…. well, pretty! I’m not so much in the mood for a sandy beach as I am for a lazy stroll through our hydrangea-filled summer gardens.

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Bring it on 2021: Favorite Finds!

hrough all the shutdowns, quarantines, and reduced staffing, the home industry is stronger than ever, leading to beautiful lighting, textiles, furniture, and accessories that excite us and have us looking forward to 2021 and the design opportunities ahead.

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