Make Your Bed the Elissa Grayer Way

Sep 19, 2023

We’ve discovered the formula for designing a luxurious bedroom that invites rest. Check out our favorite ways to create a relaxed, refined vibe, plus we’re spilling the beans on our favorite bedding vendors.

bed with white duvet cover and grasscloth wallpaper


Bedroom Atmosphere

Private spaces are among the most gratifying rooms to decorate, because when we get it right, our clients are so appreciative. These intimate spaces are meant to be quiet havens from the world, to inspire relaxation and rejuvenation. We typically take a pared-back approach to the bedroom by choosing soft color palettes, free of bright shades or busy patterns. The bedding is not fussy, but elegant, the fabrics are soft to the touch, the furnishings are minimal, and the vibe is decidedly relaxed, but still refined.


bedroom with blue and white bedding


Our Formula for a Cozy Bedroom

If you take a moment to peruse our portfolio, it’s apparent that we have a bit of a formula when it comes to bedding. The look is always clean and crisp, reminiscent of a luxury hotel room, with mostly white high-quality linens and a pop of color through embroidery or accent fabrics. We typically style a bed with four sleeping pillows and either two king-sized or Euro shams, and perhaps a lumbar pillow or two that can be used to pull in another color or pattern. We often dress the bed with a down-filled duvet, which gets pulled back when not in use to emphasize its comfort. Underneath, the coverlet may be an accent color or a neutral shade, depending on the space. The goal is to evoke comfort and invite relaxation, so all bedding choices are made with that in mind.


soft pink bedroom with upholstered headboard


Luxurious Bedroom Additions

An upholstered headboard is almost always a good idea — the softness is ideal for reading or watching television, and the fabric offers another opportunity to add color or pattern. If the room is sized generously, a bench at the foot of the bed can offer balance, and a seating area with a pair of chairs or small sofa provides a cozy spot to begin or end the day. We prefer to flank a bed with a matching pair of bedside tables and lamps as the symmetry reinforces the tidy elegance of the room. Every client has their own sleeping preferences, but this is one place to get the window treatments exactly right. Layers of shades and curtain panels offer options for filtering light at different times of the day. And of course, a soft, beautiful rug underfoot is a must for waking up in comfort and luxury!


bedroom with gray headboard and white linens


Our Favorite Bedroom Vendors

When it comes to sourcing bed linens, we almost always turn to the classics. Matouk, Frette, and Sferra are go-tos for soft, durable pieces with classic styling (you’ll recognize their embroidered sets as perennial favorites of ours!). For coverlets that can be laundered at home, TL at Home is a reliable source, and we’ve recently been impressed with a newer vendor, Jonela.


bedroom with gray walls and white linens


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