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Sep 3, 2020

Templating Countertops in Kitchen Remodel

Over the past 6 months we have all discovered, in a visceral way, what I have always believed, that home is our most personal sanctuary, a safe place, a place that soothes, comforts and recharges body and soul. If it isn’t comfortable, functional and welcoming, we don’t do well as human beings. What we have seen in our business has been a direct result of this philosophy. Instead of simply a place to hang your hat, our homes have been revitalized, acting as a place of restoration, innovation, and even recreation.

Many of you are either finding a need to renovate those open spaces into more individual use. According to a Zillow report, home builders predict the current state of affairs could change housing trends as consumers demand more privacy and unique space plans.

These are some of the smartest trends we are seeing in renovation and new build.

1.     The Great Outdoors – Always a good idea when thinking ROI, improving your curb appeal is just the start. Private outdoor spaces are going to be incredibly important for you and your family’s physical and mental wellness. Zen gardens, small lap pools, and a place to run around with the pups all increase the value of your home and give you a chance to breathe!

Studio H. Landscape Architecture

Studio H. Landscape Architecture

2.     Kitchen Crashers – It seems like everyone is cooking more these days, so why not express yourself completely with a new kitchen design? Sometimes simpler is better. While the all-white modern farmhouse style is still popular, things are shifting more toward a more modern ideation. Think clean lines and industrial touches. Open shelving, subway tile and natural stone textures instead of glossy finishes all come together for this look. Tech is everywhere now … even controlling our fridges and faucets. Smart means sustainable, too. From water-saving dishwashers to reflective surfaces paired with big windows to reduce the need for electrical lighting during the day, it’s all a smart choice for Mother Earth. And finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Pale pink cabinets? An accent wall in the official color of 2020 – classic blue? Bold tile patterns to make a statement? Go on!

Taking the kitchen “island” to new heights with our Project Sunnyridge, built by our friends at Grasso Development

Taking the kitchen “island” to new heights with our Project Sunnyridge, built by our friends at Grasso Development

3.     Bathroom Bonus – A shower. A sink. A toilet. Nothing new there. Time to rethink one of the most-used rooms in the home! Bathrooms are still the most common room for renovations and remodeling the master bath or powder room is a perfect place to start. Bold color is making its way from the entertaining spaces to the bathroom. Black is bold. Black is better. Fixtures like lights, shelving and mirror frames are all coming in this color. When popping off white subway tile (a perennial favorite) it really makes a statement. We love these black fixtures by Hansgrohe from our powder room at the ASPIRE Design & Home Show house. It’s all about smart tech in this space, too. Built-in Bluetooth speakers for shower singing take it to another level or smart toilets that regulate temperature and feature touchless operation. Of course, eco-friendly is a factor again with showers that save water and aren’t paired with a tub or lighting that uses less electricity. Be sure to use every nook and cranny for compact storage and shelving, it will leave more space for open showers and spacious tubs. Luxurious comfort is definitely carrying over into the bathroom.

Bold black hardware is the star for our ASPIRE Showhouse powder room by Hansgrohe USA

Bold black hardware is the star for our ASPIRE Showhouse powder room by Hansgrohe USA

4.     Gimme’ that base(ment) – That musty, dark basement is a thing of the past. We are always thinking about that underground space, treating it as a surefire way to add instant value to your property. Wanting a more private workout? Adding a full gym to the lower level will give you the opportunity to keep your body in tip-top shape no matter what is happening. The most asked for favorites are Peloton bikes and rowers, yoga floors and infra-red saunas. Need a little more party space? Add a stage, a fully stocked bar and comfy lounge chairs and it’s a night out, but in! And of course, theaters are still a way to bring the family together for at least a few hours.  



Elissa Grayer Project Stratford Elissa Grayer Project Stratford


5.     Smart is as Smart Does – As home renovation technology advances, many homeowners continue to install smart technological gadgets in their houses to make their lives more comfortable, providing timely solutions to problems facing most homeowners. Smart technological devices are easy to use due to their simple designs and improved efficiency. Their innovative functionalities reduce human efforts to accomplish tasks. Some of the smart technological trends for home renovation include:

·      Your home hub is now in your hand with smartphone enabled apps to control a host of products

·      Wireless LED light bulbs – The easiest way to control traditional lighting

·      Network Based Security creates a private wi-fi network to make installation a breeze!

·      Z-Wave enabled devices

Easy to install Simplisafe home security systems

Easy to install Simplisafe home security systems

 Any home renovation project, big and small, comes with a host of challenges that can be daunting at best (and terrifying at worst!). We thrive on helping lead our clients through the maze of decisions that are part of every job, and look forward to bring our client’s vision to fruition.