Designing Together – Even When We’re Apart

Apr 7, 2020

Like most of you, I am working from home, and writing this message from my dining room. Yes, I have a home office, but let’s face it, the dining room is so much prettier! Our entire team has really stepped up to the plate to continue delivering exciting design and uncompromising service. I am so proud of how they are adapting and innovating in the design space with new tools and new ideas! From the way we collaborate to the the way we are presenting to you, our clients, we are always looking for the best way to provide quality service and beautiful design.
Zoom Meeting on Laptop

While we’re absolutely still designing luxurious, livable spaces, right now we’re in the process of expanding our virtual offerings, bringing you improved digital tools to allow for efficient visualization of layouts, floor plans and finish options in real-time.

What does that mean? For starters, we have moved all of our proprietary design system online. With the help of tools like Zoom and cloud-based project management, we are able to design, present, order and track product all the while maintaining safe protocols throughout the process for your family and our team.

Bottom line: We’re here to help you through this time.

Digital Design

Although we typically start the work in the digital space, then present in-person and in front of our clients, we now carry that method through, starting with our own internal collaborations. Pinterest helps streamline the inspiration and the sourcing from our vendors, keeping all of those fantastic images in one place as well as linking back to their original websites. It also becomes interactive, allowing our clients access to pin their favorite ideas and products to the same Pinterest board.

Modern elegant interior design with natural light and furnishings.

Zoom Central!

Throughout the process we set up several video conferencing sessions to understand the scope and style of the project, and ultimately, to communicate the design intent face to face. This is how we collaborate on renovation ideas, furniture placement, and budgeting, We have already presented 3 projects this way and the experience has been terrific.

Touch & Feel

During the virtual presentation, our clients have physical sampling to touch and feel the design, really experiencing the beauty of the materials we will be using. Fabrics, wood finishes, hardware, paint and wall coverings all help tell the story and allow for faster approvals.

Interior design fabric and paint swatches in drawer.
Fabric swatches and room layout plan for interior design.

I don’t know about you, but as the last few weeks have revealed, I find myself grateful for and loving my home more and more. We would love to hear from you and see how we can help make your home life more beautiful . Follow us at @elissagrayerdesign on Instagram for some great ideas, and inspiration, and visit us at to discover how we can work together.

Throughout this challenging time, we are continuing to discover the resilience of our clients and community, never losing what keeps us excited everyday, the joy of design.

Stay safe and let’s continue to be positive,